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    Entering and Exiting Megapolis
    Make sure you completely exit the game and close the app for each log-in in order to get the proper start up screen and a successful launch of the game.

    On iOS:
    1. If you have an open game click on the home button to exit.
    2. Double click the home button, find Megapolis, swipe up to close the app.
    3. You can now successfully log in to the game.

    On Android
    1. Press the home key and then the far right icon that looks like two boxes on each other.
    2. This will open all running apps.
    3. Find megapolis and swipe it up to clear it and then relaunch the game.

    Game currency. General information.
    Megabucks can be received in game for gaining new experience levels and for regular visiting of the game. You can add megabucks by clicking the “Add megabucks” button and following the instructions. You cannot exchange coins for megabucks. It is not possible to give coins and megabucks to your friends, but you can buy presents for them in the shop. You can also buy game currency in the Bank.

    How do I get megabucks?
    You can earn megabucks by attaining new levels and by entering the game 5 days in a row. Also, you can buy megabucks for credits.

    How do I send megabucks or coins to my friends?
    You cannot send megabucks or coins, but you can buy something valuable with your megabucks and then send that item to your friend as a gift.

    Can I buy megabucks with coins?
    No. There's no 'reverse' exchange in the game.

    How do I develop my city?
    To grow, your city needs people. When newcomers arrive in a house, you'll see a people icon hovering over the house. Develop your infrastructure to raise your city's population capacity and attract new citizens. Each residential building attracts a certain number of newcomers over a predefined period of time. When newcomers arrive, the icon with people will appear over the corresponding building. Click the icon to register (add) the people.

    How do I expand the territory of my city?
    You can buy an expansion for megabucks (Buildings >Expansions), or get them as a gift when you invite new players to the game. You can also ask one of your friends for an expansion.

    Why are the costs of expansions different at different levels?
    As your game level increases, certain lower level expansions become more expensive, while some higher level expansions become cheaper. The availability of such expansions is limited.

    I've sent an expansion to a friend of mine, but their app applies only previous (smaller) expansions. Is this a bug?
    All expansions are applied 'consecutively' (i.e. 13x13 > 15x15 > 17x17 etc.). For example, if a friend sends you a 21x21 expansion but your location is 17x17, first you'll have to apply the 19x19 expansion, and only then make it 21x21.

    How do I earn more exp and get more people?
    You can earn experience by building objects, attaining new levels and titles, assisting friends, collecting taxes, and registering new citizens.
    To attract more people, construct more residential buildings.

    What are residential buildings for?
    Residential buildings attract new citizens to your metropolis.

    What do I need power plants for?
    Power plants produce electricity for you city. Each building you construct consumes some amount of electrical power. If you don't have enough power, you won't be able to build new buildings.

    I cannot buy any more houses because there's not enough power and/or water in my city. What should I do?
    You can't build new objects or complete tasks if you don't have enough water or electric power. When you're notified that you are lacking resources and cannot complete a building, simply construct another wind turbine, power plant, or water tower.

    I want to start constructing an object. Where do I get the necessary assets?
    All major construction projects -- such as the hydro power plant, the beach, and so on -- require specific assets. When completed, such projects will substantially raise your population capacity as well as increase your power and water reserves. All necessary assets can either be bought for megabucks or obtained from friends (as gifts). The procured assets should be applied at the corresponding construction site. After the required number of instances of all assets have been applied, the project either reaches completion or unlocks the next stage. To look up how much an object will cost, left click its construction site. If the selected object is not yet available for you, you'll see the level at which you'll be able to construct it.

    How do I sell an object?
    You can't sell what you've previously bought. However, when you delete objects, you recover 20% of their initial price (if you bought them for coins). Anything you purchase with megabucks is non-refundable.

    How do I remove an object?
    To remove an object, click the white arrow on the right menu bar, choose Delete (the slanted red cross) and hover over the object you want to remove. When the object turns red, click the object to remove it from the map.

    How do I turn an object?
    To move an object on the map, click the white arrow on the right menu bar and choose Move/Rotate (the crossed arrows). Then hover the mouse over the object you wish to rotate. You'll see a yellow arrow at the bottom-left corner of the object. Click this arrow to rotate the object.

    How do I move an object?
    To move an object on the map, click the white arrow on the right menu bar and choose Move/Rotate (the crossed arrows). Then click the object you want to move, release the mouse button, move the object to the desired location, and click it once more.

    How can I use my production facilities?
    On the map, click a production facility and buy a contract. When the contract is complete, click the facility once again to collect your profit.

    When does a production contract expire?
    Contracts expire after a period equal to 1.5 times their completion duration. For example, let us say that a facility completes a contract in 10 minutes. When production is complete, the expiration period begins, which in this case lasts 1.5*10 = 15 minutes. Try choosing a short contract to check this. You will recover half of the money you paid for your expired contract.

    What's the purpose of the warehouse?
    You can use the warehouse for storing objects and assets. First, you should buy and build the warehouse, and then hire the necessary personnel. After that the warehouse may be 'opened'. Warehouses have a limited capacity, but you can always add an extra slot for 1 megabuck.

    How do I move an item to the warehouse?
    Some objects for construction (projects) are already placed on the map. Other objects can be found in the Buildings menu. For example, you may need to move a hotel to the warehouse. To do that, click the white arrow on the right menu bar, select the Warehouse (the light-green carton with an orange arrow over it), and left click the item you want to move to the warehouse (the hotel in this case). The item will disappear from the map, and you will find it stored in your warehouse.
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    What is a City Hall for?
    The City Hall allows automation of the tax collection and newcomer registration. This will require hiring a tax agent and an employee for registering people. The tax agent will collect all due taxes while you are away. Newcomer registration works the same way.
    Initially, all players have 50 wages at their disposal. When needed, the wage fund can be replenished with megabucks.
    Also, you can fire any previously-hired friends. Firing does not mean any losses either for you or for your friends. Hiring an in-game employee will cost you 1 megabuck.
    Note: The whole idea is to free you from the routine of clicking each building to collect taxes or people. All proceedings are transparent and proceed while the app is running, so you can literally watch the process happen.

    Why are my stops not counted?
    Task and title achievements are counted only after your friend clicks 'Visit' or 'Allow', and you subsequently receive a request (when you next re-enter the game), which you should accept.

    Why are my production plants 'unavailable'?
    There is a limit to the number of production facilities that players can build in their cities. The limit does not depend on the population capacity. The fact that all facilities in Production are tagged 'unavailable' simply means that you've reached this limit. If you wish to buy a different factory, delete one of your existing plants.

    My friends sent me gifts, but I can't find them. Where are they?
    The gift counter's capacity is limited to 512 (a combined total of 'sending' and 'received'). We strongly recommend that you clear your stored gifts -- either via sending or applying -- so that you can use your new ones. Gifts that you have received but which are not visible will appear as soon as their number in the queue gets lower than 512.
    Alternatively, you can use the gift search functionality (see the screenshots). Note: search may be locked in full screen mode.

    I've just constructed a building materials facility, but there are no ready materials. Why not?
    All produced materials are safely stored. Materials cannot expire. The contract can only be cleared if you do not invite the required number of friends.
    To ask friends for help with a contract you have started, open the contract and click 'Ask for Help', to notify your friends that you need their assistance. Then your friends should confirm their readiness to help you. Make sure you have received enough confirmations. When the required number has been reached, the corresponding notification will appear in the contract window.

    I contracted some material production at the facility, but the contract expired. What should I do now?
    In order for the contracted product to appear in the warehouse (when the contract completes), make sure you fill ALL the job positions with invited friends BEFORE THE PRODUCTION PROCESS ENDS.

    I've constructed a building materials facility, but there are no excavations. Why not?
    A completed building materials facility is no guarantee that you will stumble upon an excavation site. Keep building. Just don't forget to leave some space for potential excavations in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. If no space was reserved, excavations may turn up anywhere in any of the available locations.

    How do I remove excavations?
    Discovered excavations cannot be deleted. You can only delete a completely restored object.

    Who is Edward?
    Edward is your model neighbor. You can visit Edward's city to have a look at all the recently added items and the potential development of your own metropolis.

    How do I edit my wish list?
    At present, wish lists can only be edited manually.
    There are 2 ways to do this:
    1. Click an object under construction. In the window that opens, click the blue '+' over an asset. The wish list will open automatically, allowing you to add or remove assets. When finished, click 'Publish'.
    2. Open the Buildings menu, choose Assets, and then click the blue '+' over the asset you want to add to your wish list. Edit the wish list. When finished, click 'Publish'.

    What are the exp messages?
    Exp messages allow you to share the experience you earn when attaining a new level or title (Advanced Mayor, for example).

    How many messages can I receive, and when will I receive them?
    The number of messages in your inbox is limited to 30.
    New level = 50XP
    Expansion = 100XP
    Multi-stage titles: 1 is 50 ХР, 2 is 100 ХР, 3 is 200 ХР, and 4 is 500 ХР
    Single-stage titles are = 200 XP

    My friends ask for exp messages, but I don't have any. Why?
    The experience from your messages can be used only by the first 5 players. After that, your experience becomes unavailable to others. This is how the game is designed. In any case, you do not lose anything. We recommend you enter the game frequently to keep track of all the latest developments.

    When am I eligible for free gifts in the game?
    Free gifts are distributed randomly (at least 1 gift every 8 hours). Their assortment and number depends upon your level, and the number of friends you have in the game.

    How do I get in the TOP 100?
    TOP 100 requirements:
    1. You must have many buildings, and there should be few identical objects in your city.
    2. Advice: Do not build identical objects just to obtain experience -- you won't get into the TOP 100 if you take the easy way.
    3. There should be enough roads in your city.
    4. Advice: Your city should look real. It shouldn't be a bundle of identical buildings without roads or infrastructure.
    5. Timely completion of all major projects adds an extra advantage.
    6. The higher your level (that is, the more exp you have), the better your chance.

    Can I restart from scratch?
    No, you cannot restart from scratch.

    What's the highest level in the game?
    There is no 'highest' level in the game. The number of levels is unlimited.

    How many gifts can I have?
    You can receive any number of gifts. However, at any given moment you can SEE no more than 512 gifts.

    I can't see the menu bar, or I can only see parts of it. What should I do?
    Update the application window (CTRL F5). If updating doesn't help, try zooming in or out (CTRL +/-).
    Also, specific issues may occur when the game displays in full screen mode. If the game becomes slow or unresponsive, we recommend you exit full screen mode.

    What is the purpose of the tax office?
    The tax office is for the collection of taxes, and also sets the population limit. If your city's growth is well balanced, you may leave the slider at zero. If you lack infrastructure, move the slider to the left to reduce the tax levels, thus increasing your population capacity. If you have enough people, move the slider to the right to raise the tax rate, which decreases the population capacity.

    Why should I continue to build power plants?
    Each building you construct consumes some amount of electrical power. If you don't have enough power, you won't be able to build new buildings.

    I can't find the settings menu (animation, sound, etc.). Where is it?
    To open the tool bar with all the various settings (Print Screen, Full Screen, Animation On/Off, etc.), click the cog wheel icon under the right menu bar.

    What is Act of Territorial Expansion?
    Act of Territorial Expansion is a document which can be given to your friends or to you from your friends as a gift. It is stored in your storehouse if you accept it as a gift and once you have enough of Acts for a certain expansion, you can buy the expansion for the Acts. You can also sell one Act for 100 coins.
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    Q: The game says I cannot expand, though I have enough neighbors for it. Why is that so?
    A: In order to expand through adding friends you need to add friends to your Facebook page friends list, not only within the game itself, as only those added to your Facebook page friends list count for the expansion.

    Q: How can I change the language of the game?
    A: You can change it in the upper-right corner above the game field next to the Help button.

    Q: Is it possible to transfer my progress from SQ-server to Facebook?
    A: 1. In case you do not have the game started on Facebook yet, you can migrate your SQ game field into your Facebook newly started game. Please, follow the instructions within the game in Settings->Change networks->Facebook network. You will need to log in to your Facebook profile and confirm migrating the game.
    2. In case you have already started the game on Facebook, there is no opportunity to transfer your SQ game on Facebook network. The function is useful when you have an active Facebook game, so you can start playing with friends and save your game on a Facebook server. In case you wish to keep playing the game you have started, you need to switch back to your SQ network.

    Q: How do I find my user id?
    A: 1. For Facebook users - To obtain your user id, please, follow this link: and enter your personal Facebook profile URL into the field. You will receive a numeric ID.
    2. For SQ network - please see the following screenshot (you must scroll down on step 3).
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    Q: What are the every day playing benefits?
    A: If you play Megapolis for several days running you will receive the bonus, and its amount depends on how many days you have been playing.
    If you've been playing for 5 days, you receive 1 megabuck.
    10 days = 1 megabuck as well.
    15 days = 2 megabucks.
    20 days = 2 megabucks.
    25 days = 3 megabucks.
    30 days = 4 megabucks.

    The provisions for receiving bonus megabucks are as follows:
    1. You must enter the game 5 (or more) days in a row
    2. The days are counted starting from your 1st visit
    3. You'll get your secondary bonus (in coins) 24 hours after your 1st visit
    4. If you miss a day, the day counter resets

    Bonus megabucks are added to your account at the end of every 5th day.
    Please note that every 30rd day the counter resets and begins counting from the 1st day.

    Q: My iOS device cannot connect to Facebook, always showing an error, what can I do?
    A: Try to go to your device settings --> Facebook and allow Megapolis and Facebook to connect. That should work.
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    Q: I've received no useful gifts from Mike, Edward or Alice. Instead they are showering me with stuff like multiple pipes, t-beams, glass and concrete blocks.
    A: You probably built a furniture factory so the game recognizes that you need those materials to upgrade the furniture factory. However, you cannot see it as your Wood Processing Plant probably isn't fully upgraded.
    Storing the furniture factory in your warehouse will help getting new assets from Mike, Edward and Alice again.

    Q: I cannot build more production factories. what are the limits?
    Minimum Population Requirement Total # of Factories Allowed
    100,000 9
    500,000 10
    1,000,000 11
    1,500,000 12
    2,000,000 13
    2,500,000 14
    3,000,000 15
    3,500,000 16
    4,000,000 17
    4,500,000 18
    5,000,000 19
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    To Disable Confirmation For Gift Sending

    Q: How do I disable the confirmations for gift sending on Facebook using an iPhone?

    Quote Originally Posted by guestinthisgroup View Post
    Open your app, hit that button with gear , just above the yellow bulldozer , hit "options" , it should be there. Maybe you also need to remove permission for Megapolis to post on your behalf in your FB privacy settings , i have removed that too or else this game likes to report every my click in peoples news feeds.
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    Q: How do I retrieve the log files?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nastya View Post
    Please, try to go through the following steps in order to get the logs of your game to find any errors:
    If you are playing on iOS device,

    1. Download the program iPhone Explorer ( on your computer.
    2. Connect your device to your PC and open iPhone Explorer.
    3. Find the folder Apps/Megapolis/Documents and copy the following files from this folder to your computer:

    If you are playing on Android device,

    1. Connect your device to your PC.
    2. After you have successfully connected your device with your computer, you will see your device as the Removable Flash Disc which stores all your phone/tablet files. Open the Removable Flash Disc, find the folder "Android\data\com.socialquantum.acityint"
    3. Find the following files from this folder to your computer:

    Put these files into an archive and send it to us, so we could investigate the matter. You may also download the files to any online file storage and give us a link to download them from the source.

    Please, check also the date on your device....
    Q: How do I submit a ticket to support?

    Quote Originally Posted by harlaquin View Post
    First remember we do have language barriers as this is an international game, and as far as I know the support team is located in Russia. Even though they speak and read English there will be some translation issues.

    1. Be clear about your problem. don't just say " My games broke buildings are missing!" Give them details, what buildings? from what land Mass or are they missing from gifts. about what time and date did they go missing? the more clear and precise the details, the better they can figure out the issue.

    2. Word your questions simply and to the point but be respectful . the people manning the help desk did not cause the problem. and honestly would you answer a rude person?

    3. spell correctly. sometimes translating is hard enough it becomes even more so if the words you are trying to translate are misspelled.

    4. Always, Always include your player every correspondence. No this is not your Facebook name or city name. You find your player I.D. in the games setting menu on mobile . click on settings and then scroll the window down till you see a numeric I.D. string this is your player I.d. if you can not access your mobile app or you play only on facebook and have no idea what your player i.d. is then do the following. go to your facebook main profile page , copy the url form in the address bar and then paste it into this website it will tell you what your player I.D. is. then simply add it to any e-mail or question for help you may have.

    5. always use the web form for help located here simply open the page and click submit a ticket. Remember to send your user I.D. in the ticket because you will be asked for it later in any response you get so save a step and include it in first e-mail. Using the in app ticket submission more times then not gets you no answer. myself and everyone I know has stopped using it.

    6. Log files. always always send log files. I can not stress this enough send them your log files. log files are basically a running list of everything that is happening behind the scenes in your game . everything is stored here if you want a quick and decisive answer include your log files. How do I do this???

    On Ipad, iphone, ipod touch. you will need a program that allows you to access the locked info in the IoS devices. this program is called iexplorer and can be downloaded here once you install it plug your idevice into your computer and then run the program, once loaded just run it in demo mode. once loaded click on the files tab and in the menu under that click on the apps button. Find The megapolis folder and double click it.(ipad users if you have both standard and hd versions installed make sure you click correct version). Once the megapolis folder is open you will then open the documents folder and look for these files:


    copy these files to a empty folder on your desktop do not modify or erase these files from the game folder. you are done close out all open windows and exit iexplorer.

    Now you have to send these files to sq they do not make these easy as there is no way to attach them to the support ticket. what you will have to do. is compress the files into a zip file by Highlighting them all and then right click to open a menu and chose the send to option, then in that menu chose compressed zip file. once file is created name it logs file for IoS.

    Now you have to upload the files to a file sharing site, I personally use media fire it is simple to use and it has no B.S. once you upload your file you will get a copy link button simply press it and you will get a pop up that the link was copied to your clip board. now simply paste the link into the e-mail of support ticket. and anyone who answers or reads your support ticket will have all the info they need to work on your problem with out having to send 4 messages back and forth to you. asking for this info as they surly will.

    For android users it is the same procedure except your file location is... : Plug your device into your P.C. and then navigate to the following folder: Android\data\com.socialquantum.acityint in that folder copy the files :


    to summarize always include your player I.D. and always include your log files. in any support ticket you send to sq. speak clearly and to the point and include all details you can, be specific and I think you will have a better support experience.

    it seems like a lot of work to get your log files but it really is not, takes 5 mins to set it all up and then in future when you need them again takes just 2 or 3 mins to collect them upload them and include the link to the admins. defiantly worth the time to save all the back and forth hassle and to speed the resolution to your problem.

    again always include you player I.D. and log files in all support resolution issues. if you want a speedy answer to your problem. and always try to get the log files immediately after you have the problem. to make it that much easier to find.

    PLEASE NOTE: retrieving log files for support is no longer necessary if a ticket is filed through the in game settings (click the double gear icon). Your user ID will also be automatically forwarded with the ticket.

    However, please note your user ID. Should your game crash and be otherwise inaccessible, Support and Admin can not help without knowing your unique game ID.
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    How to Sync an SQ game across iOS devices

    Q: Is it possible to sync an SQ game across different iOS devices?

    A: From just my personal experience, yes, it is possible to run the game on the SQ network swapping between ios devices.

    We have multiple games going in our family, all on various apple devices. I have been able to successfully set up one of our HD games so it runs on both an iPad and an iPad mini, and another non-HD game that runs on both an iPod 5th gen and iPad mini. Neighbors were all there after the move. All of our games are running on the SQ network. I always make sure to update everyone's devices at the same time if an update to the app becomes available so the devices will all have the same version of the program.

    I make sure I always save and exit the game when I finish a session so the network loads the latest copy of the game in progress when I swap devices, and I make sure I never have it open on both devices at the same time. So far, the devices have remained in sync.

    Moving the game from an old iPad to a NEW iPad was the easiest. I just synced the old source iPad, then used iTunes to restore from that backup to the new iPad. I was running two separate games on the old device, one HD with lots of neighbors, and a non-HD that I was running with just the "model neighbors", and both games moved over without a hitch.

    WARNING: DO NOT USE RESTORE FROM BACKUP if the destination device already has data on it or you will LOSE ALL YOUR DATA. The restore from backup feature should ONLY be used if the destination device is NEW. (Yes, this sounds basic, but it always bears repeating so there are no unpleasant surprises.)

    Transferring the game between existing devices or between very different devices, such as from iPod/iPhone to the iPad/iPad mini is a bit trickier and requires using iExplorer (or a similar program that can read the iPod/iPad/iPhone files). If you are uncomfortable using either of these programs, ask a more experienced friend for help so you don't lose any of your data.

    The iExplorer program is a free program similar to Windows Explorer, and normally the Apple device it is reading is at the top of the left side of the screen. It should list your device by name, with a series of folders below. The folder you will need to copy is the Megapolis/Documents folder in the apps section under your device's name.Attachment 6288

    1) Sync the source iPod/iPhone. If the destination device is not a new device, it should also be synced before attempting the migration just in case anything goes wrong.
    2) Install the Megapolis (non-HD) app onto the destination iPad, but do not open the app yet. Don't worry, the non-HD version looks fine on both the mini and iPad, either with or without retina display, and this makes sure the apps are both the same.
    3) Connect the source iPod/iPhone to the computer and use iExplorer to copy the Megapolis/Documents folder from the iPod/iPhone to a folder on the desktop of your computer, then disconnect the iPod/iPhone from the computer.
    4) Connect the destination iPad to the computer and open iExplorer.
    5) Open Windows Explorer and select all of the files from the copied Megapolis Documents folder on your desktop and drag them into the Megapolis/Documents folder on the destination iPad of iExplorer. When asked if you want to overwrite existing files, say Yes.
    6) Disconnect the destination iPad from the computer and open Megapolis. If everything went ok, your game and neighbors should all be there.


    Quote Originally Posted by tbk1 View Post
    ~~Very long post warning ~~ Sorry.

    I have checked out our synced games on the SQ network, and they each show the same ID numbers when synced across 2 ios devices. Now that I know that is a potential issue, I tried to see what makes the devices "compatible" so they will show identical IDs for the game if you try to transfer it.

    I erased and reset the iPad I used for my original test for the iPod to iPad transfer (Note: I did not use my current game at that time, but instead had installed a new game of the non-HD version on an old iPod for the test).
    Then I installed Megapolis. As expected, it offered up a brand new game.
    Wiped the iPad again, installed Megapolis, transferred the documents folder as above, and (bad surprise) it still offered up a brand new game! What went wrong?

    Then I remembered -- I tried to transfer directly from the iPod to the iPad the first time using the "Restore Backup" (from the Manually Back-Up and Restore function) in iTunes, hoping everything would be copied over. Unfortunately it failed to transfer any of the apps. That was why I used installed Megapolis and used iExplorer to transfer the document files. Maybe the key to a successful transfer was in that failed restore attempt, not in the transfer of the documents folder.
    Attachment 6368
    So, I wiped the iPad again, tried the custom "Restore Backup…" and selected the iPod as the backup source. When the "Restore" was finished, I had a blank, new iPad showing in iTunes, no apps. I installed Megapolis, opened it up to see if it was still a new game, and got a big surprise. Although the "Restore Backup" had failed to install any apps, it seemed to have duplicated the identifiers from the iPod onto the iPad so that Megapolis opened my iPod's game without having to copy over the documents folder! Success!

    Bottom line is the key to a successful transfer on ios is being able to do a "Restore Backup" to prepare the device to be recognized as being the same as the source. If this happens, SQ automatically installs the correct game associated with the original device

    The good news – you don't need to manually move files.
    The BAD NEWS -- you will have to wipe all of the data from the destination device and reset it because it won't install Megapolis with the same ID as the source device unless you do. Therefore, it is something that should ONLY be transferred to a NEW device unless you are absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, completely sure that you have backups of all of your data.

    This also means that you are limited to transfer across similar generations of devices. My retired iPod (3rd or 4th? gen with the old USB adapter) would be compatible with a similar generation iPod or iPad2. The newer iPad, iPad mini, and iPods would seem to be compatible, so iPhones probably fall into a similar pattern. Just from what I can see, you might be able to predict compatibility based on the most recent ios version they can use. My earlier devices cap out at ios 6, new ones all run ios 7.

    ratmice, I don't know if this will help you since you already had the game going from 2 IDs that were merged, and were using both versions of the game. It would be up to you to decide if you want to try wiping the iPad clean to get the game to go over. Since your iPhone is the source and still working fine, it might work, especially if you just installed the non-HD version of the game on the iPad to it matched the iPhone (the graphics really are quite good and you probably won't see a difference). It would all depend on what data you have on your iPad and whether or not you have confirmed that you have backups for everything stored your computer. NOTE: A lot of the data on the ios apps are NOT saved to iTunes unless you do it manually. Proceed with caution.

    LID, I guess the other bad news is this means only first half of the previous post applies, since the SQ automatically will load the correct game if it thinks the devices is the original. The manual transfer of files is unnecessary.
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    Transferring from SQ to FB Network

    Q: How do I move my game from the SQ network to FB?

    A: I have been asked to create this posting about how I successfully transferred from the SQ network to the Facebook network, since presumably others are interested in making this leap. While there seems to be some controversy about whether or not it's even possible to make this change, I can assure you it definitely is: I just did it 24 hours ago.

    Please note that I am not an expert when it comes to switching networks....I can only tell you what steps I personally took. Your results may vary.

    As background: I had been playing on the SQ network on an iPad Mini, running iOS7, and using the MegapolisHD app.

    STEP 1: Go into Settings within your Megapolis app (the 2 overlapping gear symbols), tap Options, scroll to the bottom and write down or copy your User ID, just in case you run into problems and need to ask SQ for help.

    STEP 2: Before I made any changes within the Megapolis app, I first opened my iPad's Facebook (FB) app and I also opened Facebook on my iPad's web browser. Because I have 2 FB accounts (more about this later), I made sure the right account was launched in both the FB app and the browser.

    STEP 3: I opened the Megapolis app, went to Settings (the 2 overlapping gear symbols), tapped the large Change Network button, and then selected Facebook. That's it! The next thing I knew, my city appeared in front of me.

    STEP 4: Repeat Step 1 and write down or copy your new User ID (never know when you might need this in the future).


    Several months ago, I had l launched Megapolis from within Facebook on my laptop, just to see what it would be like playing on a PC (not good!!). This had resulted in a completely new game being started within FB, which had no connection to the Megapolis game I was playing on my iPad through the SQ network. Others on this message board warned me about this creating a potential conflict now that I wanted to switch networks. So, just to be safe, I created a new account in Facebook to use solely for Megapolis. That's why in Step 2, above, I made sure the right FB account -- the new one that I wanted to use for Megapolis -- was open in both my FB app and browser.

    Answers to FAQs about transfer results
    1. My city is 100% exactly the same. Nothing has changed. Nothing.
    2. All of my XP, Coin, MB (yes, MBs!) and assets transferred.
    3. All of my 20 SQ neighbors transferred. However, for 3 of them, their city names were different.
    4. I am still playing through the same Megapolis app I was using before (I had thought that if I transferred to the Facebook network, I'd have to open my FB app to play. Not true). Nothing functions differently or looks different.

    If you've read this far, you are probably ready to take the plunge. So here is another tip about finding new FB friends for playing Megapolis (this was harder for me to figure out than changing networks!). Use the Thread on this message board for finding Megapolis-playing FB friends. Then you have to connect with them on FB and you ALSO have to connect with them within Megapolis. Here's how:

    STEP 1: Select someone you want to connect with and click on their FB URL.

    STEP 2: Click Add Friends as you would normally do in FB to connect with someone. I also sent each person a separate message explaining why I was sending them a Friend Request, since they otherwise wouldn't know who I was when they got the Request.

    STEP 3: Open Megapolis. Once the FB Friend requests are accepted, those people will appear when you select Invite Friends. Click on the Invite button below the person's name; once they have accepted your request, they will disappear from the Invite Friends page and appear in your neighbor list (Note that for some reason, the Invite button doesn't "dim" after you click it. So you have to remember who you already invited).

    I hope this information is helpful. I am very appreciative of the many people who coached me through this process in a recent Thread. Now I gotta go give out gifts to my new friends.
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    Adding your User ID to your Signature

    Q: How do I add my user ID to my signature?

    A: HI, when asking for help or even with general questions. It helps us to know what network you are on. Lid tries to answer SQ specific questions and I try to answer FACEBOOK specific questions. Admins Need to know your user I.D. to do anything in game for you as well. your user I.D. is a number string, and not your city name or Facebook name. Instructions on finding your User I.D. can be found here. and scroll down to post number three.

    By adding a signature to your profile when you post in the forums then all your info that everyone needs to help you will be automatically included at the bottom of every post you make and no one will need to ask you for it. For example look at the bottom of this posting. as you can see all my needed info is included in this posting.

    When making a signature try to include all needed info: which network you play on, your user I.D. , are you using android or apple? . Some people like to also ad their level for fun as I have. Look around at some other signature's and get an idea of what to include in yours.

    Signatures have become a great way to include your important info so its readily available for anyone to help you.

    Here is how you add a signature: First you need to be logged on and then go to your profiles settings
    Name:  Screenshot_6.png
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    once inside settings go to edit signature
    Name:  Screenshot_4.png
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    Once inside you will see this screen
    Name:  Screenshot_5.png
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    It is fairly self explanatory after that. Just add what info you would like and save the signature, that is it. Now all the info that is needed to help you better is included with each posting. IN my example above the bracket letter [B] just means bold the software does that all for you if you pick that option.

    Hope this helps and if you have any questions please ask.

    Q: What is the maximum gifts I can receive as gifts FOR my friends? How often are these gifts replenished?
    A: posted by harlaquin here:

    There is suppose to be a maximum of 150 gifts refilled for every 8 hour period that you gifted at least one gift in. At least that is how its been explained to me. With a maximum number of gifts at any one time not to exceed the total number of friends you have. For example if you have 134 friends you will not at any time have more then 134 gifts to send.
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    Submit a support ticket :

    And yes my name is spelled wrong for a reason

    To be able to ask a question clearly is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered

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    Exiting Game Center and Google+

    Q: How do I exit out of GC?


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    Q: How do I exit out of G+?


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